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Thread: 2001 Mazda Millenia Carputer

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    2001 Mazda Millenia Carputer

    I have a Mazda Millenia that I am willing to build a carputer for. I have an Athlon XP 2500, I got from my old emachines, and I don't know if that is too much for a carputer. Although, I'm trying to buy all new stuff. I want the best I can get for the lowest power possible.

    But that's not my problem. My biggest problem is finding the best position to put my screen. I was thinking of building it into the double DIN space where the stock radio is, but it seems too low down the dash.

    Also if that remains my only option, can anyone show me a reference to building the double DIN screen.

    I have attached a quick phone pic of my dash, to give you guys an idea of what it looks like.

    Any great ideas will be appreciated.
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