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Thread: missing a 5-pin lilliput cable

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    missing a 5-pin lilliput cable

    i bought a lilliput screen off ebay that didn't come with anything but the screen, there is a 5 pin cable(male) coming out the back of it with nothing else... thinking it was s-video i thought i would juss need a converter to RCA, but then how would it get power? so know im looking for a cable that will power up the screen as well as give me RCA.... i have a dvd reciver that only has RCA's... i tried lookin at the mp3store as well as a search on the forums but noting came up... any one know what im missing?
    here is a pic of the screen

    and here is the 5 pin pattern:

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    213 far as I know, Lilliputs use cables like that that end in a vga and usb connection. Like this:

    What model monitor is that anyway? Did you try the lilliput website (

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    You're right.

    From the research I've done, that cable there provides the VGA and the USB provides the +5v for powering on the little bugger.

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