Hey Guys:

I have a 2000 BMW 528i and would like to install an indash unit in it. I have been reading some of the messages in the forums and have a general idea of what I want to do. However, I am sure I will need some assistance along the way. First, here is a list of all the specs i want:

- Sirius Satellite Radio
- GPS (hopefully with a traffic updater)
- Play MP3s and video
- Wifi

Since this is my first project, I want to try to make this as easy as possible. Here is the hardware that I am considering:

- Custom OPUS system available here at Mp3car.com
- Sirius PC USB adapter
- Lilliput 7" VGA monitor
- Custom frame for monitor (like something at www.mybimmer.net)
- Car2PC adapter for BMW
- Ibus adapter

Budget = $1000-1500

Initially, I have a few questions/ideas:

- I guess I will have to pull out both the orginial head unit and tape deck. Is this difficult?
- When I do get them pulled out, I am wondering how easy it will be to wire everything up.
- For me, I think the most logical place to put the PC is in the trunk. I am thinking of removing the CD changer and placing the PC in its place. If that's not possible, I want to be able to mount it somewhere in the trunk so that it will not move.
- I live in the midwest and we are subjected to dramatic weather (0 -100+ deg). Do these ranges temperatures provide problems?

Thanks in Advance,