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Thread: Hello and Help please

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    Hello and Help please

    hey all this is amazing pc in a car wooo i shall most certainly be putting one into a car !!!

    couple things, is power,
    i have a sony vaio 1ghz 368mb (128+256 (two dims)) ram and a 40gb hdd
    plus a 15" screen that i would like to mount aswell but may settle with a smaller touch because it would make things a tad simpler..OR both! muaha

    one for view one to control bit like a nintendo ds, i like it!

    i also have a more powerful pc that i only use for media, so i could probably do without it and stick with a lappy or another slower pc for my online stuff

    it has a 500watt psu (may need more power)
    amd 3000 athlon 64bit
    1.5gb ram
    80gb master hdd
    120gb music hdd
    200gb sata film/tv show hdd
    2 x 120mm fans (front to suck in back to blow out)
    geforce 6600 with arctic cooling mahoosive fan/silencer
    dvd, cd-rw combo
    abit ax8 mobo (probs changing i think its faulty, keeps cutting out, three things it could be is.
    ram. power or mobo...but 500 watt should be ample

    also i have a fusion 400watt sub + 300watt amp for it (with rca link through) and a sony gt-cdx200 headunit (has a input on the front for aux i can settle with that till this unit packs up or becomes too outdated i can get a new one with aux in the back

    just need some help with working out how too link all of this cables would be fine.. easy to make and get hold off for me.

    cheers x

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    i did some ****ty online tests too see my pc's power outage

    and they are recommend from around 320 to 400 watt so im pretty sure my powersupply is fine...maybe it's the board thats faulty, it sometimes doesn't like my usb deviced etc..

    also in the pc set up i shall be using 3 usb and 1 firewire..

    mouse, keyboard and webcam, then the firewire for the ipod cable

    cheers x

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    I suggest cutting the power draw with a lesser video card (onboard is fine for the car, really) and perhaps a CPU that draws less power.
    The two 120mm fans are also probably overkill, but their power draw isn't as much a concern as the other hardware.

    I suggest this thread as a starting point: New to CarPCs? Don't know where to start?

    Welcome to our madness, compadre.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    didn't see that ha, cheers , of course this probs wont be for a while i think this will be only worth much in a second car or third, once i get a half decent more secure car will i put one in.

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    stickies are your friends, learn to use them to your advantage. They will most certianly answer most of your basic questions.

    Many of us have spent a lot of time writing them up specificially for people like yourself.
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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