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Thread: newb LCD question

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    newb LCD question

    I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to LCDs, so I figured I'd ask the gurus around here.

    I'm in ths process of designing a 'paddle shift' system for my car (Mazda6), and I noticed that when I have both hands on the wheel (in the 'paddle shift' position), my hands/arms often block the little numerical LCD that shows my gear. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, except that the tranny will automatically gear DOWN when speed/RPMs drop too far. There's been a couple times when I'm coming through a corner thinking I'm in the 4th, and when I drop to 3rd, the tranny beats me to the punch and I hit 2nd gear (and redline ).

    My idea is to fab up a HUD, like that found on the older Grand Prix GTPs to reflect my gear off the windshield.

    My questions is ; How hard would it be to connect a numerical LCD to the existing LCD WITHOUT losing the existing one.

    I don't know what the connections are like, and I've never worked with these before so I don't know if its a simple 'splice' or needs something more complicated.

    This is what the LCD looks like. Just a basic numerical LCD that needs to show 1 - 5.

    I guess the title should be more descriptive, but it won't let me edit :s

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    doing it with the display is a possibility, but probably a bit complicated too... I would sugest considering the fact that you really don't need a numerical indication in your periferal anyway to give you gear indication.... I would consider just leds, like a bar graph... getting the signals for this should be a bit easier as the tranny probably has a ground circiut for each gear that could be tapped easily enough...

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    also fabbing up a HUD is very difficult due to various reasons. Check out the the NightMax post on HUD.

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    hud in a single color & low res is no problem & easy... it's high res color images that are an issue...

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