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Thread: Specify which monitor to start an application

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    Specify which monitor to start an application

    OK I recently purchased a Lilliput 889GL widescreen and I installed Centrafuse just to check it out. Anyway I currently have this connected to my laptop and the lilliput is the second display which is the way that I want to keep it. I would like to keep my regular desktop and start bar on the laptop LCD. When I start centrafuse it always loads on the primary display and I have no idea how to start it on the secondary display. I know that I can use a third party software to do this, but I would rather not install another piece of software. Is there any way to specify which monitor the program starts on?

    Thanks in advance...

    BTW, I was unable to find anything doing a search; maybe the wrong search terms?

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    On my Dell, I have to go into the graphics driver to select dual monitors and then when I launch the application I drag it over to the second monitor. After exiting and restarting the application, it knows to go to that second monitor.

    My Dell also has a CRT/LCD toggle (function F8) to make both the lid (primary) monitor and the one hooked up to the video plug in the back (secondary) output the same.

    To be sure, check out your laptop instruction manual.

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    same question as AxelDoomeyer

    I'm wondering how to make centrafuse launch directly on the second monitor (lilliput TS) since I can't drag it because it simply gets locked onto the primary monitor... is there a way to do this??

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