In my first post I what to show you what I'm using as CarPC in my Jeep.

This is the simple CarPC I use in my off-road trips with my Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0.

The computer is a HP TC1100 TabletPC running OZiExplorer with the maps of the area I'm traveling. The black "thing" on the left is a Mio A701 which is Phone+PDA+GPS. I'm using it as external (wired) GPS for the TC1100.

So what I do is launch the OziExplorer in the A701 and in the TC1100 against the same route and waypoints. That way my wife can check the route in the TC1100 and I can doble check it in the A701. You know... girls and maps...

Well she does a great job in navigation with the TC1100 and OziExplorer. It was just a joke. I carry the Ozi in the A701 too just to see the turns without loosing attention to the road.

Here there are the pictures in high resolution (for ADSL owners only):


Detail TC1100

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