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Thread: What is needed to Replace Airbags Honda

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    What is needed to Replace Airbags Honda

    Hi there,
    I have a 04 Honda Accord EX, that I love, the problem is the front and passenager airbags blew, does anyone what I need to replace them? is it okay to use after market parts or used parts?

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    hmmm, maybe check in the "airbag" section of these forums, E-Cig Mods
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    The regulators on the "airbags" must have friend, so you'll need a new "airbag." M2-ATX I presume? It works pretty well.

    You might want to check the motherboard using a standard ATX "airbag" to see if the computer will boot up.

    Don't forget to check the drives to see it it powers up. Sometimes blown "airbags" can take out an entire system.

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    They blew? Looks like you have a new space to put a carputer!
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    Go to wallmart, I'm sure they have what you need overthere....

    How do you figure to come to a forum that has to do with car-pc's and ask about airbags.......
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