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Thread: Hyundai Santro 2006.... from India.

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    Hyundai Santro 2006.... from India.

    Im working on installing one in a Hyundai Santro 2006, have to work within a budget, using a mini-itx based system isnt really feasible right now, the car is spanking new, hacking up the dash is out of the question, looking for a decent place to setup the LCD

    Tech Specs

    Via kvm800 chipset Micro Atx Board
    AMD Sempron 2800
    512 MB DDR
    Seagate 80 GB HDD
    WinLirc based input device
    SIRF based GPS receiver
    ISO OBD from

    Zebronics Micro Atx Case with 350 W SMPS (16 x 13 x 4)

    SONY CDX-MP50 Head Unit

    My questions are

    1.We have these Regular 7 Car Video LCD available in India with VGA input, how effective are these in car PCs.
    2.Planning to use a Dc-Ac inverter right now, can anyone point me to a link that has details on how to avoid the extra noise from the speakers.

    A few pics
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    a couple of more pics
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    Hi, i see you are from india, which part are you from? i am from navi mumbai.
    Honda City

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    welcome to the forum.

    model # of the LCD could help.

    do you know the resolution of the monitor ? if you can get atleast 640x480 that would work (not best results though).

    for inverter noise, people use ground loop isolators. for noise of the inverter fan, you can mount it under the car in a plastic or metal box with vents. people have mounted inverters under the hood also.

    just some ideas. but do your research before doing anything.


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    hi hinduja74,

    ive got a santro xo 07 ,

    planing for a car pc ,
    config not sure yet ,

    but the the most imp road block for me is the location of the LCD [ 7"]

    pls update pics of ur install ,

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    Thumbs up for ur vga screen needs

    you can get the vga touch screens from if ur in mumbai or get them imported from china ( i had too). or if ur in delhi, u could get a 9" vga screen from me. its a spare one, i had imported just in case.

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