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Thread: Need help regarding shortening of Firewire cable.

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    Need help regarding shortening of Firewire cable.

    I didn't know where else to post this. I am currently looking to purchase an internal 9pin female to external 6pin Firewire 1394. So far I've found this:
    I need to have a firewire port for external audio but there isn't one on a VIA EN15000G. It does however, have a 9pin header on the mobo for it.

    Now the biggest problem with that cable is that it is a 30" cable. Seeing as how I have a Voom PC case, it might be a bit of stretch cramming 2.5 feet of cabling into what is already a tight fitting case. I haven't been able to locate anything on the web of a shorter length. Anyone know if I could cut the cable to a more manageable length without causing shielding problems? Could I possibly pull out all the wires from the 9pin header and just rewire it? Thanks in advance.

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    i did this same thing, only the other way around, i made mine longer. i used USB tho. i'm not sure about firewire as i dont have one laying around to cut open but it was pretty easy with USB. You should be fine cutting it. i haven't have any problems with the throughput speed on my USB cable either. just have to becareful, are firewire twisted pair like CAT5 or more like USB just twisted all together? good luck to you.

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