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    oh hello all. I've got a '92 Subaru Loyale Wagon with a legacy 2.2l motor swapped in, a FT4WD Dual-Range tranny from a Subaru RX and matching LSD rear diff.

    I want to install a carputer for mp3-based music, GPS navigation, and Engine Management use. I'm planning on upgrading my 5-year old homebuilt desktop, and using the CPU, memory, CD-drive etc. to build a Micro-ATX based computer to mount under the passenger seat.

    but....I don't have any experience with the car-specific parts of the I thought I'd start hangin out here for some ideas.

    I've also got an '87 turbo Toyota 4Runner that I'm building up for offroad duty....but don't plan on building a carputer for that one...probably just install the aftermarket CD deck I've currently got mounted in my subie

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    Hi. Head over to the FAQ emporium, there's really no rhyme or reason to it, but there is tons of info there.
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