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Thread: IBusComm with cPos

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    IBusComm with cPos


    because I am new in this forum, I thought it would make sense wo post the first thread in the "Newbie Forum". I hope somebody can help me. I have bought the USB I-Bus interface from I think most people know it. As CarPC Front End I want to use cPos, but cPos is not able to commincate with I-Bus signals. For this reason I am using IBusComm as an interface between the I-Bus and cPos.

    Now my problem: I can't get it work. People say that with IBusComm you can read the I-Bus signals and map them to any key on the keyboard. Then just using the EventHandler in cPos and it must work. But it doesn't!!!

    Then tried it to get work with FrodoPlayer, instead of cPos. Wonderful! It works! Thus I think the problem ist somehow withing cPos.

    Maybe somebody of you know, how I have to setup cPos.ini or the Ibuscomm.ini file, so that the two application can work with each other?

    Please help me and thanks in advance for any answers!!!

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    Isn't there somebody who can help me? Maybe providing with some contacts?

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    Unfortunately, cPos isn't a frontend that is known on this board. (Not to my knowledge anyway).

    You'd probably be better off askin over here

    Or on this forum

    Hope your speak German.

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