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Thread: It's a LV-670M question, or another "which psu?" question

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    It's a LV-670M question, or another "which psu?" question

    I've searched, and I've seen some of the posts on the LV-670M, but nothing too solid.

    I have recently purchased one, and plan on using it with a 2.2ghz processor. I've read that page with all the watts and whatever, and I figure about 60W for the processor...

    So I would like to know which one people would recommend for this Motherboard/processor combo. I'll be using 512mb ddr ram, a laptop HD, and a slimline slotloading dvd drive (with the occasional usb hub action). I ask this because I wanted to use the M2-atx, but some posts say it won't work with this motherboard (though the 96W on the 12v rail should be enough) unless it's purchased from ituner (which is now right?). Is that true? Or is the one from 321short-circuit just as good?

    What other psu's are recommended for this setup?
    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I know how to use the search function - my question has more to do with not understanding why the lv-670M doesn't work with a psu that it should work fine with, and wondering if any other psu's have the same issue. If i missed it while searching, feel free to show me the thread.

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    OK, seriously, nobody? I'll take anything guys, comon now, if someone can ask about a driver door light (for crying out loud!!) can nobody answer my ? about the M2-atx psu on a commell board?

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    It should work.
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