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    Good morning,

    Just putting my foot in the door and give some info on myself. I have a 2007 VW Jetta TDI that I'm working on getting a pc in it. I have worked on audio systems since i was 13, got a degree in copmuter/electronics, and have been working on computers since i came in the Air Force. Im curently stationed at Luke AFB, AZ. I usually dont post much, just lurk, but im trying to read up on what everyone else has gone through and some of the promblems/solutions other have come across.

    I was going to start on my project sooner, buy head unit took a dump on me and now I need to replace it. That pushed my project back some. I should replace the HU soon and should start buying most of my componets, leaving the screen for last as it is the most expensive. Well that is about it, if yall have any questions, just hollar at me.

    08 Dodge Ram QC

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    Im at the Whiteman's AFB in Mo

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    CarPuter Progress:
    Planning:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
    Hardware Buying:-> [||||||||||] 100%
    Software:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
    Installing:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
    Current Project= Making skins in photoshop...

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