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Thread: No Ide Detection

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    No Ide Detection

    When trying to setup BIOS, I get this error:

    Detecting IDE drives
    IDE Channel 2 Master: None

    Warning: The boot devices have been changed.
    BBS boot priority will be affected. Please enter setup to check.

    I figured it was a boot priority mix up, so I enter BIOS and first check to see if my drives are being auto-detected. They're not. I took off the cd drive b/c i was having trouble with the jumpers on that anyway, rebooted to see if the hard drive would be detected alone. It's not. I tried the jumpers are master and cable select. I know the drive is working because I can feel it spinning, it's just not being detected.

    Any suggestions?

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    If 1 is on CS, then both should be cable select. If one is Master, then the othe rshould be slave. Some motherboards require this.

    And you have tried them on another IDE channel?
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    I took off the cd drive, right now i'm trying to have it detect the hard drive alone. I've tried the hard drive as master and cable select. I've also tried it on another IDE channel.

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    Never mind. Clearing CMOS worked. It's detecting the hard drive, now I'm going to hook up the cd drive.

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