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    Access Denied

    Do you have to post to here before you are allowed to post to the rest of the forums? I tried to post to this thread but got a message saying I didn't have permission to.

    Is there anything in this post that would get the post blocked?

    Quote Originally Posted by stevieg View Post
    That's how I understood it.

    I've ripped the battery/supercap thingy out of mine.

    Before I did it, I was going maybe an hour without lock at it's worst - it was terrible, and through a city it was useless. I went for a country drive and actually got LOST because it couldn't find a lock.

    Since I've taken the battery/cap OUT COMPLETELY I have never had a problem. My GPS lock issues have dissapeared!

    Finger crossed, anyway
    First post so take it easy please.
    I have had this problem with my BU-303. I even had the case open to rip out the cap like everyone else. Then I saw the post from Taxi49 with the specs for a replacement. His link now 404's but I searched and found the spec.

    These supercaps are Aluminium Electrolytics. I remembered from years ago troubles with similar caps in a flashgun and that they self heal if you leave them powered up. A quick googling showed I had remembered this right- Outline | Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor | Products Information - Sanyo Electric Co.,Ltd. Electronic Device Company

    So I plugged mine in to a spare USB port a box that's on 24-7, the output locked up after 8 minutes. I left it plugged into the port for another 4 days and after plugging it back in I've had a solid lock for 18 hours.


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    If you have under 5 posts and your posts contain links they will be moderated to prevent SPAM. What causes a post to be moderated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zip-Lock View Post
    If you have under 5 posts and your posts contain links they will be moderated to prevent SPAM. What causes a post to be moderated?
    I did see that, but the message I got didn't say anything about being moderated- it just said access denied.

    Thank you anyway.

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