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    New to the Forum


    First post on the forum, I found this while searching for info on FrodoPlayer and it looks like it has tons of information on so I thought I'd register.

    I've just finished building my first carPC (VIA MII1200, 512mb RAM, 100gb 2.5in HDD, Windows XP Pro, monitor is an E-bay special, has no name but it's been excellent so far)

    Here's a couple of pics of it in action

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    You know you can disable that weird mouse icon in the bottom right corner right?

    You never need to right click in RoadRunner, and if you did, there is an option to simulate a right click upon press and hold for x seconds.

    And you say FrodoPlayer, but you realize you are running RoadRunner right?
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    Those are just some pics I took as soon as I Installed it. Didn't know you could disable it though. It comes in handy for windows though when I was transferring files from my USB stick. Yeah I know it's RR, I came looking for Frodo as a replacement

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