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Thread: extending LCD FPC/LVDS ?

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    Question extending LCD FPC/LVDS ?

    Hi evryone , i'm new to the mp3car comunity.
    I've been looking on older post that describe how to extend laptop screen to use them as carputers but they don't seem to cover the type of display that I have.
    I bought an IBM thinkpad 390e to experiment on extending the screen , got to remove it and found to sets of wires. One flat (ribbon? flex?) cable that seem to deliver signals to the screen and a 15 x 1 white pin connector that takes the microphone , backlit , speaker and some other stuff I guess.

    Is there any chance that I can extend this cables al least 12 inches or so?

    The flat cable seems really really hard to extend...connections are to tiny.


    PD excuse my mistakes....Chilean , not an english native speaker

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    maybe this thread will help.
    Extending your laptop's LCD cable: FAQ
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