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Thread: Cannot initialize DBUS obdsim generator

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    Look at the signature of the dbus signal as it's fired in dbus-monitor. It should give you all the information you need. The service, the path, the interface and the method/signal name. And also the parameters.
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    OK I'll try that out and report back

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    Now I just need to learn how to grab DBus events without depending on introspection... Any clues?
    I can think of an easy example... That's exactly what the obdsim dbus generator does. In C:

    It would take much to write a config file for obdsim that would listen to obdgpslogger. So a determined user could do something like launch
    obdsim -g Random -o
    Then launch another obdsim with the DBus generator configured to listen to obdgpslogger. Ideally you'd get almost exactly the same output from both logger instances [practical reasons mean you wouldn't get *exactly* the same output, but it'd be damn close]

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