Been a while, there's a fair few minor improvements since 0.7, so I figured it was time for a release:

Version 0.8 (released 2009-09-04)
Put Copyright/GPL notices in all files
Cosmetic build improvements
obdsim: Add idle callback to generators
obdsim: Messing with serial comms
logger: Make newline configurable
logger: Add timeout on database in case someone's scraping it
obdsim: Initial add of fltk gui generator
logger: Add option to daemonise
obdsim: Add mode to all getvalue module calls
logger: Catch SIGTERM to gracefully exit
obdsim: Seed Random generator with passed seed
manpage: describe obdsim seeds
obd2csv,obd2kml,obdsim logger: Don't create the database file
logger: adding some dbus methods

Gary (-;