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Thread: Dear Gary (or anyone really) What tools to start from: odbII mobile device

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    Dear Gary (or anyone really) What tools to start from: odbII mobile device

    I have an ELM327 bluetooth device and wanted to port an old open source app (obd gauge) to webOS, keeping it open source.

    I found out that WebOS can't use BT serial yet (boo!), so I got a PLX Kiwi Wifi device. I want to calculate things like mpg, velocity, braking, and do more advanced things in the future. To stay FOSS, I can't use the SDK from Plx.

    I was directed here and told that you have a prog that interfaces with the PLX wifi device already.

    Can you help tell me what projects are already in existence on linux (so I can write a shell around it) or a mobile OS?

    Thank you. I want to collaborate rather than reinvent the wheel.

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    Honestly I currently know very little about webOS; if it's [at least to start] a standard linux system, you might just try compiling obdgpslogger and seeing where that gets you ? I don't really know anything at all about it :-/

    Gary (-;
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