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Thread: Problem connecting OBDSim to Torque on Windows through Bluetooth

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    Problem connecting OBDSim to Torque on Windows through Bluetooth

    I'm trying to install OBDSim on Win7 but am running into some trouble. My end goal is to run OBDSim as a bluetooth ELM327 OBDII Simulator and connect to it using the Torque app on my Android device.

    I watched a video on youtube ( that demos exactly what I am trying to simulate but it was running Lubuntu 12.04.

    I've been reading through posts on mp3car and other posts on stackoverflow over the last week but I'm still a little lost. I'm not sure exactly how obdsim makes use of com0com to get my bluetooth dongle to connect with Torque on my phone. Heres what I have so far:

    • I've paired my Android device to my computer
    • I've installed com0com and have a CNCA0 <-> COM5 pair set up.
    • I set the incoming COM Port to be COM5
    • I'm running the obdsimwindows-2011-06-11 build as suggested (Although -b is giving an invalid option.. Also bluetooth isn't listed under --help either. Does this version support bt??)
    • I am able to launch the gui successfully
    • 'obdsim.exe -g gui_fltk -w COM5'
    • Torque still isn't being able to connect and read from the simulator.

    I think theres one more big step I'm missing, but I'm not sure what it is. I found this correspondence ( which sort of resembles where I'm at, but I don't know how to the bind and sdptool commands translate to windows (that was a linux problem).

    Has anyone tried to set up OBDSim on Windows and connected to their Android device via bluetooth successfully?


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    Bump.. Anybody??

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