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Thread: OBDSim + Ubuntu 14.04 + Bluetooth

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    OBDSim + Ubuntu 14.04 + Bluetooth


    I've tried to use OBDSim on my Ubuntu 14.04 system through bluetooth. Unfortunately without any success:

    kalaschnikow@vkdesktop:~$ obdsim -g gui_fltk -b
    obdsim: invalid option -- 'b'
    kalaschnikow@vkdesktop:~$ obdsim -g gui_fltk --bluetooth
    obdsim: unrecognized option '--bluetooth'
    Does any body have an idea what is wrong? Is it unpossible? Or should I use other command-line options?

    Thank you!


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    The version of obdsim included with Ubuntu (or Debian) does not seem to have bluetooth compiled in. To use bluetooth in Ubuntu you need to compile obdsim from source and have the bluetooth-dev package installed.

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