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Thread: Aftermarket Seats

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    Aftermarket Seats

    What do you guys think of this seat by corbeau?.

    I was looking at cobra as well

    Which is a little more flashy and expensive.

    The problem is I can't find these in town, so I can't do the sit-test-thing.
    I'm hoping someone with some ***-time in one or both of these could chime in. I know everyone is built different, so be general if you would.
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    not sure yet.
    wow didnt know seats were so expensive.

    edit: nm its a pair of seats for liek $700 right? thats not bad.

    I dont know anything about seats. I would actually use a bucket.
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    Personally, I think racing seats are just plain rice except in a... wait for it... sports car!

    Like the Merc SLR by Mclaren or whatnot can use them. Basically a car that needs a rear spoiler to not fly away, is a car that can have race seats.

    And dont you have a pickup, or is this for a different little coupe or something?

    If I had to choose, I would say either the itty bitty picture of the "cobra" which you say is expensive or the bigger gray/black combo.

    Oh, and the one racing seat I have sat in (yup in a riced out CRX), it was not comfortable. Of course with "racing" seats you want it to be firm, but I think bmw firm is about right. These were cement grind your *** away firm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
    Personally, I think racing seats are just plain rice except in a... wait for it... sprots car!
    QFT. I feel the same way. I have seen people put $2,000+ racing seats into a Scion xA, xB and into civics... Seriously, why the **** would someone do that?

    In terms of style, I am not sure how racing seats would look in a pickup truck...

    I personally don't like anything that has a hint of 'ricer' associated to it... therefore, I think you can judge by my comments, I am not in favor of racing seats in anything but sports cars - evo, sti, vettes, etc and up.
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    I agree about the rice thing. This is for a project musclecar, that I've got some road racing in mind for. But I want to do it in a pro-touring fashion, a la 'the green brick'. I guess maybe factory seats from the 'right car' would be better. But that means custom fab on the brackets. Oh well such is life.

    As far as the truck thing. Hmm. I never thought about it until now, I hate my bench style seats in there... And if I could open up the center hump area, theres so much more I could do.

    Thanks for the input.
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    I got a Sparco non reclineable seat in my car.. I find that after a couple hours of driving it really hurts my back.

    PS. I agree with the ricer "race" seat comment... only reason i have one is because my stock seat broke and i needed some thing asap.. This seat was on sale so i jumped on it

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    Herk, totally OT, but, what kind of bird is that in your avatar?
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    I hoped someone would ask...

    I have no clue, but I do like the spoon feeding theme it illustrates.

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