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Thread: Car Security System Question

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    Car Security System Question

    I recently acquired an Autopage RF-50 alarm system. It has all the bits and whatnot, and it does work, but I only have a pinout sheet and no manual. There are a few things that are obvious and some I can't quite figure out: Negative trigger input, Positive trigger input, and passive/manual switch.

    Anyway, if anyone knows anything about this particular alarm, or alarms in general, help would be appreciated!

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    Negative input trigger = the alarm will go off when this wire is grounded (hits the negative terminal on the battery, touches a metal part of the vehicle, etc)

    Positive Input Trigger = the alarm will go off when this wire hits a positive input--the big red wire coming from your battery.

    You just have to figure out if the wire you are splicing into is negative or positive when it needs to be.

    okay, example--you want door triggers. find the wires that go to your dome light. when the door is opened, the dome light gets power, so you would want a positive input trigger there.
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