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Thread: Watch Out For THIS Driver...

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    Exclamation Watch Out For THIS Driver...

    CarPuter Progress:
    New Car:----> [||||||||||||||||||||||] 100%
    Planning:-----> [||||||||||||||||||||||] 100%
    Construction:-> [||||||||||||||||||||||]100%
    Software:-----> [||||||||||] 70%
    Finishing:-----> [|||||||||||||||||||||]99%

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEGgeek View Post


    nice scorecard!
    CarPuter Progress:
    Planning:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
    Hardware Buying:-> [||||||||||] 100%
    Software:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
    Installing:-----> [||||||||||] 100%
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    old, but still funny.
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    Only missing the picture of a woman with a baby cart -- that used to be a "combo" bonus in Carmageddon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guino View Post
    Only missing the picture of a woman with a baby cart -- that used to be a "combo" bonus in Carmageddon.
    I still have that game! I loved the way that it stored the bloody tire tracks for the entire lap and didn't disappear. Not bad for a game that had to be run via a shell command.
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    I was a hardcore fanboy and had a fan page up that got praise form teh devs!
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    How about the Wiki?

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