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Thread: how to make long range wireless net?

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    I haven't fully tested them, still in the tweaking phase really, getting the spacing of the washers right and all. So far with my very little tested i've notice about a 10db signal gain, which is what it's supposed to be at really. Hopefully I'll have them fully finished tonight and then get them tested

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    Originally posted by ShinkunoNamida
    Don't tell the FCC but a friend and I have been talking about creating a wireless networking method using ham radios. He seems to think he's got it all figured out, now we just need the money to put it together.

    amateur radio not ham radio

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    well, seeing how there wasnt broadband at my beach house in duck NC, i found a nice little AP 3min down the road. I am now sitting, using some realty company's high speed life is great.
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    Actually Ham Radio and Amatuer radio are the same thing. We Hams use both interchangeably.

    Second, if you are going to use Ham radios, get a license. It is not that difficult. It is 1 test and will cost you like 7 bucks to take. to take practice tests. As for how to do it read my post on this thread. bout CB and Ham radios

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    N00b makes one post and it revives a thread that's almost three years old...
    Gotta love 'em.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShinkunoNamida
    we anticipate the speed to be sub 14.4 which isn't great, but it's globally available. Asside from the static the next problem is with latency. The connection might time out by the time replies are recieved. Security is also an issue, we were thinking of using PGPhone. I don't have any idea how that would work at all. During a discussion someone brought up that it could be used to provide security. I don't even know if it really exists

    It might not work at all, but it'll be fun to try it.
    Try more like sub-1200 baud. Not to mention using PGPhone over an amateur radio link would be using encryption, which is illegal. "Static" is not the problem. The problem is 2m bandwidth is almost completely unusable for data. APRS works, err, barely.

    Fortunately, this is a 3 year old post. Hopefully you've given up the terrible idea by now.

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    I read this whole thread thinking it sounded familiar. DAMN YOU NOOBS. DAMN YOU.

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