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Thread: Who has built a home MP3 Server?

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    Who has built a home MP3 Server?

    I came across This Cool Home Audio Add-on , and thought - Hmmm... "I should be able to build something like this."

    Has anyone built something like this (within a reasonable budget, of course), with a nice, user-friendly front end like this one?

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    Its not quite the same thing, but my file server's only other function is to play music (as it has all the mp3s on it already). My home entertainment center is my pc, so i dont have it off next to the tv or whatnot, but I do control it with a Giant 2x20 VFD and a IR remote. And if i were going to hook it up to a home theather pc, id go video out to a tv and a wireless mouse.

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    I have a Book PC running on a WiFi adapter. It works great! Since I have a HDTV I can run normal VGA to it. Great for DIVX playback to.

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    i have my computer hooked up to my tv through my all-in-wonder card. I then got a sound blaster live! 5.1 card and ran its outputs to my surround reciever. i use winamp3 for music. and have a wireless mouse and keyboard to controll it all. It works great.

    there is one problem i'm having with winamp3 though. when i try to use it to playback divx, all the colors are wrong, its like they are completely inversed. i tried reinstalling all my codecs, but the problem is still there. video is fine in all other players, any ideas?

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    I've got an old PII 400 running a very minimal install of Win 98 SE with an 80GB disk and a Xitel Digital USB to TOSLink adaptor to the digital input of my stereo.

    The server has no monitor, mouse or keyboard and hides behind the stereo cabinet. Just an ethernet 10/100 connector to the house LAN. The server is also restricted at the house LAN router from connecting to anything other than an internal network address. This way I don't have to run any firewall or anti virus software on the server.

    I control it from any other PC in the house using WinVNC .

    Mostly I control the server from a laptop that's connected to the house LAN using a WiFi PCMCIA adapter. The laptop is usually on all the time and gets used by everyone in the house for web browsing, e-mail etc.

    I'm using Musicmatch Jukebox for software.


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