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Thread: Networking 98 & XP

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    Question Networking 98 & XP

    Can someone give me a hand here,

    All my machines are running 98 and happily talk to each other over my home network.

    Now my sisters got a new machine for Uni, with XP on it, chucked a NIC in it setup the network and nothing.

    Well almost nothing, we can both ping each other no problem at all, and my 98 machines can see her XP machine in windows networking (only if it's in it's work group however) but if you try and open it you get an error. Her machine (the XP one) can't see anything at all.

    All machines involved has file & printer sharing turn on.

    Also to save the hassel of copying files over the net work I took the second hard drive out of my machine and stuck it in hers, XP found it no problem but told me that it wasn't formatted.

    Can anyone help me go from to

    :edit: changed can to can't
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    Re: Networking 98 & XP

    Originally posted by Rob
    Her machine (the XP one) can see anything at all.
    Do you mean Can't or can?

    Check the software firewall on the XP machine.

    Check the workgroup on the XP machine.

    If all else fails set up the XP machine to the correct workgroup and run "Set up a home or small office network" and when that is finished create a floppy to run on the rest of the computers.

    Hope this helps.
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    Yah, win9x and winnt networking can be fun. As was said, workgroups are key, and network usernames, passwords, and share rights also are important. as you can see, theres a whole lot of variables that can cause the problems, and without more details, i cant be more specific. Usually i have the oposite problem, 98 seeing/accessing a 2k machine. but xp does have the built in wizards, you might give those a shots too.

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    in xp make sure you have the netbios installed and active
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    HAH!!!!! I tried networking 98 and XP, XP could see 98, but when 98 tried to acess XP it asked for a password.. :P but, could still play games..... lol......
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