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Thread: Netflix or Blockbuster for Unlimited Rentals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rijndael View Post
    or more acurately "ran out of hard drive space"

    Although, that's why god invented DVD+/- RW.....


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    lolz. i am gona cancel my netflix in a couple of days and switch to bb.

    i got my 1st 3 netflix movies in the mail on friday and one of them was broken!!!!!!!
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    I've tried both and Blockbuster has better turn around time thru the mail. I was subscribed to netflix for about two years and during that time, turn around time for movies became slower and slower. It got to the point where I was just not getting my money's worth.

    Blockbuster is good cuz of the rental in-store when you return a movie that came in the mail. The downside is that you're limited to what's in-store. (i.e. out of stock) I'm an avid movie watcher so when stuff is not in stock, I find myself scrounging looking for something decent to watch.

    (Still haven't broken down and watched any of the National Lampoon straight to DVD movies yet...)
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