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Thread: Is this a turning lane or not

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    yea you can do a right on red here, to you just have to stop first,

    yea its a solid white line,

    it was to far away for the cameras at walmart and it was in that
    little shopping center you see to your top right, and they don't
    have cameras

    LOL "BIKE LANE" Arkansas is to poor to spend money on bike lanes,
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    Quote Originally Posted by walstib View Post
    Don't most WalMarts have cameras in the parking lots? If you can get his plates, at a minimum that is assault with a deadly weapon, possibly attempted murder.

    If you find him... I hope he fries......


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    not sure yet.
    thats and ugly intersectiong, but its not a turning lane its prob for semi's. Id talk to city council and explain your concern and ask for traffic lights. Does it have traffic lights?

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    yea its got lights on 3 sides - I forgot to show the 3rd one in red,
    and its not done yet, there going to put more stores and a mall on the
    left side of it, so it will be a 4 way

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    thats a turn lane painted by a guy too lazy to lift his hand and make it a dotted line

    otherwise the solid white at the end would not strech the whole way..and if you take a close look its 2 lanes wide!!

    also if you can turn right on red in your state then the white lines are not a do not cross line..

    in canada you can pass on double yellow lines...all lines and on road markings are strictly advisory..... but like as others said dont get into any kind of accident or your completely at fault.

    solid white is the "oooh gee...ya probably shouldn't" but not illegal.
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    Ive seen quite a few turning lanes and thats isnt one. Like others have said its more than likely extra road for the semis to turn into the Walmart. Much better that curb, the curb would last a few days.

    Working in a municipal environment, your best bet is to use your 3 minutes of "god given" time during public comment and let them know. Its unsafe and commissioners usually listen!!

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    i know that i probably would use that to turn in, if you look at the photo you can see that it has been darkened just like the left turn lanes more up on the road. so you can see that its been used by a lot of people even if its not a "turn lane" its still used as one.
    but if the right lane had painted strait and turn arrows on it then i would not cut over to the side.
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