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Thread: Electrical Engineer or Computer Science??

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    Electrical Engineer or Computer Science??

    So its coming up real close where they start going down different paths.

    just wondering if anyone has any input?

    i know what i would be doing as a CS major and i do like programming
    OBD GM ALDL software

    but as an EE im not too sure. i like working on the hardware side as well and ive even seen some job posting in CS that say a CS or EE degree.

    so im leaning towards EE, but if anyone has any experience i would appreciated.

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    i'd fo EE, simply caue it wil hold a higher recognition than CS. CS is very much a typical computer degree, while EE is held higher as you are a engineer.

    EE will aslo let you get more jobs in industrial environments as well as normal jobs. Computer jobs generally require you to do addition software specific training anyway, and you can do that after a EE degree anyway.

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    tottally ee

    Im about half way through the ee pursuit and jobs look a lot more high paying and not to mention how many specialties you can choose. I love taking the classes always thinking how i could apply it. it is a little tougher than cs though

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    CS is pretty easy. Sort of the lower of the engineers because anyone can code. With languages becoming easier to learn, it is less and less of a niche market. If you like programming, go for it. You will always have a job no matter which you choose. Unless the world runs out of silicon.

    I am a double major EE and CE. I original was just a Computer Engineer because like you I like both software and hardware and CE is the best of both worlds. However right now in the job market, the hardware devices are becoming so complicted that nobody but a dedicated EE can understand them. When you have to use quantum level math to describe the flow of electrons through a transistor, they want someone who has done this. Not someone who has sort of somewhat kinda dabbled in it. And then those hiring CS people would prefer people that do CS all the time compared to sort of dabbling in it too. So a CE degree is sort of meaningless right now.

    If this is your first year or second year, I would take CE and take a bit of both EE and CE classes, see what you like more.

    EE will be payed more, but it is much tougher to find a job and you will get into a niche and stick with it throughout your career. If you are one of those people who cant play a game of monopoly because attention wanders, EE is not for you. Get a CS and then you can switch to the newest languages as they come out, and always learn the freshest stuff.
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    I did a degree in EE then another in realtime software engineer (programming embedded stuff). I found it very difficult to find a job with what I graduated in (in UK this is), most of them wanted like 5+ years experience. You really have to start right at the bottom, that is if you can even find a company that offer it.

    What I do now? nothing to do with engineering at all. I only use what I learnt in UNI for my hobbies now.

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    Go EE and then you can build us stuff.
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    Try going into Computer Systems Engineering - it's the best of both worlds =)
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    I have dual degrees in EE and CS from a LONG time ago - 1975, U.C. Davis. I use both in my work, which involves embedded systems in space launch safety systems. I think the EE is probably more useful if you have to make a choice. A great deal of the more specific CS stuff I learned was obsolete (like mag core memory) before the ink was dry on my degree. I also have to be concerned with the infrastructure stuff - like electrical power. Even though a CPU no longer has grease fittings, the fundamentals of EE remain the same.

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    EE may pay more but there are far more CS jobs out there. I would say pick a direction though because what was said above is right: they want specialists, not dabblers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris31 View Post
    What I do now? nothing to do with engineering at all. I only use what I learnt in UNI for my hobbies now.
    Oh I forgot to add :

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