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Thread: supercharger Question

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    supercharger Question

    I got a Celica GT and I'm wanting to put a Greddy supercharger in it so my question is can I just put a supercharger in a stoke Celica? or do I need to buy a new chip and transmission for the car? sorry if I posted this in the rong form.

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    You realize that this forum is about putting desktop computers into cars and not a car modding forum. You may be better off checking a celica specific forum for the right info.
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    Well, if it's a new Celica, the fact that it's a GT is a plus. The high compression VVTL-i 180Hp1.8L's are not going to take a lot of boost. You're not going to find a lot of aftermarket trannies for that car. And if you're dealing with a 2000-2002 model with a 6speed mannytranny then .... well, I'm sorry. They have a hard time with the 180Hp stock GTS motors. I know 3 guys that have flattened the cams due to the way the synchros will let you downshift when you shouldn't be. That and the synchros are wimpy. But yes, there is a lot you're going to have to do with that supercharger as far as tuning goes. You really should consider finding a tuner forum tho, there may be guys here that have your answers, but you'll have better luck at a celica or general tuning forum. But once you get your CARPC plugged in and are ready to interface with your new piggyback controller, or OBD, you'll be in the right place here.

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    hey h3rk ive never asked you is that your feeding the chick in your avatar? great reply to his post by the way. Im sure he posted on many forums looking for that info. Now someone needs to tell him to buy a computer to put in it. I think med was hinting hehe
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    nah, it's not me in the pic. I just saw it an instantly thought of spoon-feeding newbies.

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