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Thread: What screen resolution do you use? (Desktop/Laptop/Web Browsing)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris31 View Post
    My TFT screen is 22in at 1680x1050, I only set it to that resolution when I need to watch HD stuff.

    I cant see the point straining my eyes with stupid little fonts all day. Then you have someone saying you get clearer picture if you set it at its native resolution. You increase the font size to compensate, yup thats correct if you dont mind the apps layout getting all screwed up.

    Most apps are happy with 1024x768, anything above it look ****ty anyway.

    Sound like a "my dick is bigger than your dick" kinda thread? No wonder you guys wear glasses and look like nerds
    You are talking amazing crap, i have no problems on reading text on this resolution, and if I had, I could always change text size in browser by CTRL + mousewheel. Layouts stays as they are, if the website is correctly made. If you use widescreen with 1024x768 you are stupid, you have either black borders on both sides or your picture is streched and looks ****ty.

    I have glasses, and i got no problems on that

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    What screen resolution do you use? (Desktop/Laptop/Web Browsing)

    So what screen resolution do you use for when you are browsing the web?

    I know the standard ages and ages ago was 640x480, then it was 800x600 for quite a while. Then before the LCD craze, but still with huge CRT's and high resolutions it was 1024x768 most commonly, but now in the age where widescreen LCDs are commonplace, what do you use?

    Reason being for doing web design primarily. It is sort of a pain to put so much info on a screen designed for 800x600 when I know almost everyone is (or should be ) using something like 1280 wide and above at least.

    I have been using 1600x1200 on my desktop CRT for at least 5 years now. All my laptops are at least 1280x1024. I havent really seen anyone do a poll recently.

    Just as a guess because of the nature of these forums it is going to be a higher average than say grandmas knitting blog or something.
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    1280x1024 at work but the blind old bats I work with always knock it down to 800x600 which always screws up my whole desktop.1280x800 is the best that I've got on my laptop, so that's what I use. I start to squint above 1280.
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    I do my website at 800 width, just so it can be viewed incar easily.

    If they wern't CarPC related then I would have done them at a wider width.

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    not sure yet.
    i use the same for my lappy but for desktop i use 1024x768
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    1440x900. i've got dual monitors though so i could be rockin 2880x900, but that would just be silly. this way i have fullscreen web browsing and then another one for everything else.

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    Web browsing and everything else 1920 x 1200 on a 24". I also use a 1280x1024 on a 19" as a second monitor, but this is used for the e-mail app only.

    I really wish to see wider pages, tables everywhere, but this is not going to happen anytime soon. I do miss the early days of the web when (resizable) frames were all the rage, and more often than not I could navigate the website easily just clicking on a left side frame. A resizable one would be nice here, since one could put more stuff in there to fill 1920 pixels wide displays.

    I mean, on this very forum page, why can't I see the whole threads/categories on the left side (as in the windows explorer) without having to hit back all the time? Being resizable would be nicer still. If you have a small screen, you could always hit back again...

    Just MHO.

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    1920x1200 on a 24" for my desktop, 1920x1200 on my 17" laptop, but with large fonts, 1280x1024 on a 19" for my garage PC, and 800x480 for my CarPC, on a 7" Xenarc.
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    1920x1080 on my 42" Panasonic 1080P LCD TV


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    I dual screen 1920x1080 on the 32 inch lcd and 1680 x 1050 on the 22 inch

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