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    how in the world do you remove the glass from car door?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TREYR View Post
    how in the world do you remove the glass from car door?
    You mean like it got shattered and the pieces are rattling aroung inside?

    If so, then you have to take all the panels off and start picking out the glass. Could use a vaccuum I suppose, but I wouldnt trust glass shards being whipped into a cloth dust baggie.
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    Nah the glass is still all together i just need to trade it out for another one

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    use a shop vac - and goggles

    The glass in most cars is safety glass, that shatters into small square shapes, or cubes
    there is some tiny almost microscopic glass shards - but nothing major

    - if you mean to remove a sheet of glass - sometimes its glued to a metal track that
    pushes the window up and pulls it down, sometimes that track can be removed
    glass and all

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    It will vary from car to car, but basically:
    take off the door panel
    Remove glass from whatever track mechanism makes it go up/down (sometimes there are metal stop strips & the glass may be held in with some through bolts)
    remove weather strip(s) at top of door frame
    lift glass out

    Now if this is a sedan (which I have never done), there has to be a big enough opening in the inner door's metal skin through which the glass can be passed - same principle, just comes out the bottom instead of the top.

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    I took every bolt out i could find that was left and the window fell down like an inch but there is the track thing that runs all they way down the the door abuot 4 inches wide and if you move it the window moves but it can only go down an inch and then tahts the bottom of the door
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    What door are you working on? If its a front door, sometimes you have to rotate the glass, so that the slant, or curve, tips downward, and the widest part comes up, and ultimately out of the door. If your working on the back, it can be decidedly more tricky, since they are basicly square. You may have to remove the guide strips that the window rides in to have enough clearance to get it out. This is purely speculation though. Good luck.
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