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Thread: bluetooth usb?

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    bluetooth usb?

    ok, so im looking for ways of connecting a touch screen over wireless, ive already sorted how im doing the vga i dont know how to do the usb yet, if i plug a preferably class 1 bluetooth dongle into my computer and the touch panel will that work? i want to test it first of course with my mouse, but hopefully one of you know better?

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    I dont think there exists a bluetooth powered touchscreen. You can get a wireless usb hub to reduce having to run the wire, but then you will need to figure out how to power the hub.

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    A wireless touchscreen doesn't exist as far as I know.
    Even if it did, I would be leery of using one. You lose that wireless connection for any reason, and you've lost control of the PC. Not a good thing.
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    ok, well its not for my car, so i guess i will explain the whole project so maybe you have a better solution.

    this for my dads server/multi-room/source computer. i am getting 2 audio cards to drive a 16 channel amplifier to most of the rooms in our house, i am just going to run multiple instances of winamp to console to achieve the multi source and i will need some sort of fm tuner, most likely the HQCT. the sound cards will either be kx-compatible or m-audio 1010LT's.

    the problem i have run into is wiring the monitors, we are thinking of putting touch screens in the walls, in i think 4 or 5 rooms. i will run it off a half decent card and run it through a vga splitter. the vga i was going to run over the cat5e which we have in every room, i could simply run the usb over the cat5 but we have a telephone using that in nearly every room, which is the dilemma i have arrived at, so i figured bluetooth could solve that, or maybe the new wireless usb thats either out or coming soon.

    also, cost seems to not be an issue to him, he just wants it to work and be dummy proof, he seems to stress that one the most.

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    Hmm, if expense is not an issue:

    1) install touchscreen monitors where you need them.
    2) research and purchase a KVM over LAN device
    You may know this, but just in case: KVM stands for Keyboard/Video/Mouse and the term is often used to refer to a device that can multiplex multiple computers to one or more monitors and keyboards.

    For example, if you had a 4x4 KVM, you would have 4 monitors, 4 keyboards, and 4 mice plugged into it. You would also have 4 computers plugged into it. You could then direct the connections of monitors/keyboards to any computer.

    A KVM-over-LAN is the same concept but you would plug your keyboard/monitor into one device, that is plugged into the LAN, and your workstation into another device also plugged into the LAN.

    So you could have each touchscreen's VGA & mouse/usb connected to the KVM over LAN device, and then have the base unit connected to your computer somewhere. And it sounds pretty easy to wire since you have cat5e prewired everywhere.

    Sorry if you already are familiar with KVM over LANs, just explaining in case. But I think you should always opt for a wired solution over a wireless solution, unless wireless is manditory (i.e, certain parts have to be portable, etc). Especially in a permenant installation such as in a house..

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    hmmm, i had not some across said kvm over lan before, i was just going to use a kvm at the computer and the vga over lan to all the monitors, but i shall have to look into this kvm over lan idea.


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    Your answer

    sigh.i thought you all would be smarter than this...i was wrong- House

    1. Get any serial touchscreen you already have.
    2. get a BT usb
    3. buy this.
    4. configure software.
    5. Get it working
    6. Learn that BT is not the best way to run a touch screen, especially de to BT resume problems and the fact your screen has to use a Cat5 cable run to your computer anyways. Cat5 has 8 cables, which only means if you double up on CAT5, and attached it to your 9 wire DB9 serial port, you'd be fine. Also, opt for a multimonitor system run buy a pci and an AGP card, both with dual monitors outputs and clone all the screens. I suggest ATi 9xxx series. Actually, do yourself a favor: screw the touch screen idea, take a USB numpad or something, add your own decals, and map keystrokes to functions. Its cheaper, less expensive, and if one touch screen fails and registers a constant touch you don't have to run through 5 rooms to check what is wrong- you just have to hit another key at any station and it will stop the repeat. Do it that way.- not as cool, BUT, easier to debug later. Also, after you run your USB wire, which only goes 25M or ft, i can't remember right now, you can hop up to Wusb, which will give you everything else you wanted, without the wires

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