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Thread: cheap and dirty is best :)

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    cheap and dirty is best :)

    Some low life broke into my car, in a car park while i was at work today.

    now that i have my carpc running reasonably well thats my current dread, to come back and GONE.

    anyway the smashed the back quarter window opened the back door and stole my bag. which contained a bunch of papers, some adapter cables, and my old Ipod which has a stuffed battery.. which is why i installed the car pc.

    they totally ignored my screen (folds into the dash, cheap looking thing) and my stereo, and really lucky they kept out of the glovebox.

    an hour later after phoning the cops, car park ppl and insurance, im getting a new bag, ipod, and adapters and stuff..(or convert to store credit <grins> )

    so im glad i brought a cheep generic no frills in dash screen, as i still have my car pc and gps and ECU reader and WIFI.

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    hehe, for a moment there, i thought your title was about something else

    i totally agree with you. in dash lcds are the way to go!
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