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Thread: will server 03 work for me?

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    will server 03 work for me?

    ok, so to start off i am in no way a coding person or know how to use server very well, i tried once and got fed up and put xp back on.

    So now my question, it seems (not that i got around to testing) that server 2003 will allow multiple users to 'remote desktop' onto the computer and run programs/files/etc. is this true? and does it work at least similarly to how xp does it?

    also when remote desktoping which computer does all the processing if i want to watch a movie? the 'server' in question is a low end quad core and the remote computer would ideally be the cheapest most reliable thing i can find, something along the lines of an integrated 1Ghz type thing, but not a VIA, my M10000 is evil and nothing works rite on it. Also only video would be going to the remote computer, audio would stay at the server and come out of the speakers in whichever room i tell it to, ive got that part figured out, but nothing else so far.

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    2003 has terminal services (remote desktop) which is what I think your on about. It doesn't have this for free though as you need to buy client access licences and be running a licence server. The server would do all the processing for any applications running this way. By its nature the server sends a compressed stream to the remote machine. This means that sound and video is horrible and not what you want to be doing at all. There are other technologies that would be better but ultimately you would be better off just running a file server and running video and audio locally.
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