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Thread: Finally buying a car :)

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    Smile Finally buying a car :)

    Okay so I'm still a student, a young one at that, and I've been saving for the past year to buy myself a nice car: a 2001 Mustang Convertible.

    Its black with a nice shiny clear coat and 5-speed, which should be fun to learn to drive

    I've been preparing for this for ages; I've purchased a computer, a screen, a GPS, an OBD scanner, etc etc etc. I've even created my own hardware and firmware for a VERY specialized USB control board, which I may end up selling if it's not too much hassle.

    I've written my own frontend using Flash and Pascal. Although it may not be complete, the functionality is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I've "acquired" over 150gb of music -- all of which is sorted with specific formatting: /Music/Artist/Album/Artist - Song Title.mp3 where all of the necessary ID3 tags are also input.

    I can't wait, I have a trailer set up for tomorrow night and a nice wad of US cash sitting on my dresser. Just had to tell some people because I can't keep that to myself

    Thanks for all the knowledge so far guys, and at the same time -- its all your fault. If this site hadn't popped up in a google search for custom arcade controls (BYOAC -- great site!), I never would have spent all this money! Thanks

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    Thread moved to OT. Congrats and have fun with the car. Glad we could help relieve you of some excess cash!
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    Ahh done deal Imported in to Canada no problems
    Left at 5:00 AM this morning, arrived right now, 2:00 AM.
    For the mathematicians, 21 hours. Shouldn't have been that long but the guy had no idea what he was doing.
    Tomorrow morning shall be the start of test-fitting parts

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