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    Hi GUYS, I am new there
    Came across this on Myspace, why not try it here? Just write 20 facts about yourself.
    1.) I have a hard time committing to long-term (but not short-term) exercise because I thrive on seeing progress as I work - which probably explains my pursuits in creativity

    2.) I'm not obsessive compulsive but usually if I start typing a list/document and catch myself working in a pattern (maybe every first word is capitalized), I correct any pattern breaks... probably because I am dedicated to consistency

    3.) I observe the most miniscule things (like why a palm-size shampoo bottle floats side-up or nozzle-up depending where the air bubble is in relation to the shampoo volume)... I suppose, a never dying curiosity

    4.) I'm not averse to taking apart broken electronics or items to attempt to fix them myself if it's within my mechanical abilities or doesn't require certain supplies

    5.) I failed the military ASVAB test - Math and Mechanics were the worst. If I'd of passed, I'd of been in the National Guard for a few years

    6.) If I had no family or friends I would join the Air Force. These 2 elements are too important for me to minimize in my life

    7.) Though I like flying as a passenger I hate the feeling of earth leaving your feet on takeoff, so I took a Greyhound bus to Florida through 6 states and about 22 hours. An interesting little adventure with interesting people - one was a nice homeless black man in the Chicago station who I bought some food for and we had a chat.

    8.) Most of my talent (I hate saying I have talent it's like bragging) lies in drawing, and though it was my main creative outlet growing up it has proven way too frustrating so I no longer pursue it. Graphic design on the computer with paper sketches is much better for me, and no less creative

    9.) I think the only way to effectively combat terrorism is to effectively combat ignorance

    10.) Video games (usually realistic-tactical or challenging simulations) are a hobby of mine, since many of them offer immersive experiences I wouldn't dare try, or couldn't try, in life

    11.) I hate artists. Maybe it stems from my jealousy as a kid and my drawing perfectionism. Or the snobbery/elitism from the forum that dispelled me away

    12.) I never think I'm as good at what I do as other people.

    13.) I want to live on an ocean coast in or near an abandoned lighthouse, where the sun sets along the horizon and several large rock formations scatter the sea, and the moon provides the only light - waves crashing upon rocks, a bonfire upon one of the boulders, wine and a good companion

    14.) I don't particularly believe in aliens, ghosts, a god, the afterlife or reincarnation but I cannot deny any of them either

    15.) Vanilla Sky is a profound favorite movie of mine in that most of the characters and elements of the plot have real life parallels for me, whether actually or metaphorically

    16.) As much as I hate work, not having a job is more depressing

    17.) One of my little life goals is to at least have held a tiger cub as they are my favorite wild animal

    18.) I'm considering getting my pilot's license within 5 to 10 years

    19.) You can depend on me to be honest even in adversity. It is something I value more than possessions

    20.) I miss handwritten letters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirey86 View Post
    16.) As much as I hate work, not having a job is more depressing
    I hear that!!


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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    20 facts, I can't remember one.

    Only because I am always lying to myself.

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    that's totally true

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