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Thread: Dual Zone Microwave Sensor?

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    did you read the manual for the sensor.
    The adjustment process should be.
    dip sw 1 on dip sw 2 off - adjust exterior sensitivity
    dtp sw 1 off dip 2 on - adjust interior sensitivity
    LED status indcation.
    solid green power on field setup (first 15 secs).
    solid yellow trigger output connected to 12V
    flashing yellow exterior LESS sensitive than exterior.
    flashing green exterior trigger.
    flashing red interior trigger.
    in running mode.
    both dip switches on - normal operation. (usually a short pulse on outer and long pulse on inner).
    both dip switches off - exterior output = 3sec pulse.
    If the alarm a some sort false alarm sensor detection this may need to be turned of to prevent the alarm from disabling the input as faulty.
    Finally if the sensor is sharing and input with another sensor each trigger needs to be diode isolated (Band away from alarm input to prevent interference between the sensors.

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    Been over 6 years since that last post you might not get a reply. But thanks for posting the info as it might help someone SNO

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