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Thread: Beverage Cooler Idea

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    Beverage Cooler Idea

    What about putting these in the bottom of your cupholders with a switch to turn them on/off?

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    ive thought about that as well

    tho i would rather just power it off a generic 5v line rather than my normal usb

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    now thats a good idea there. What about one that has a heating feature also? - to keep your coffee warm

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    Those can't be very effective... USB power is limited, and Peltier effect coolers are VERY inefficient. There's also very little contact area between the cooling surface and the can. I've got a desktop cooler/heater that is fan-cooled and completely surrounds a can, and it is barely adequate; it pulls about 20 watts, (USB power is limited to something like 2.5 watts). If I'm patient and the room is cool, it will chill a can to the point where ice crystals form.
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    I'd consider adapting a cooler module salvaged from a full-size cooler; I figure that much cooling concentrated on one or two cans should be very effective. The tricky part will be coming up with a properly curved chunk of metal to transfer heat from the can to the module.

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    no point with the keeping the cups hot, if your coffee lasts that long, its either too big and you need to make it stronger, or your not driving with your knees enough

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    peltier thermo stuffs are cheap, you can buy one with 50-100-150W power, and build your own can cooler
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    That is a unique idea... anyone with experience with that thing? does it work at all?

    I have always wanted to put a compressor under my truck and pipe in coolant to my center console... condensation is such an issue though.

    How do those A/C seats work? I've seen some that pipe air to your skin... there must have been some condensation there.

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    Might need some kind of aluminum sleeve or something to increase the contact area with the can. If you look at the bottom of the can, the surface area that's in actual contact with the plate is really small.

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