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Thread: Consulting Rates

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    Consulting Rates

    So every time someone asks me how much I charge per hour for after hours (read home) consulting projects, i always seem to end up hemming and hawing over the price, as I've never bothered to set a price, as ive never been quite sure whats fair. I've worked as a PC tech for a number of years now, and have seen all the common things. Im just currious what some of you guys are charging for doing hardware/software installation and instructional consulting. Thanks.

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    If you can fix most problems within an hour or two, $50-60/hour is fair. If you have to scrounge through google groups for an answer, $35/hour.

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    Need more info.
    Onsite professional hardware/software installs? 50-60
    Onsite professional training? 60-100 (and that's probably low)
    Onsite (neighbor/friend) hardware/software/training 30+

    I tend to charge by my distaste for the subject matter.
    First timers - I give 'em a break.
    Repeat incompetent types - I raise the price after I feel them out on the first visit.
    Any sort of software training - Bah! Can't pay me enough!
    Anything business related - you can't charge enough. My company hires educational consultants for thousands (plural) per week....

    After hours shouldn't lower the price if it's more convenient for your client.

    But that's just my opinion...
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    I do after hours work on NLDVE systems and I charge $125 p/hr. for business and $75 p/hr. for home users. $500 for a total reinstall and setup.

    Sounds expensive but I've gotten to the point where I really don't want to do it anymore, but for the prices above I won't complain.
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