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Thread: Battlestar Galactica

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    Quote Originally Posted by MindDrive View Post
    whats even funnier is seeing her in nip tuck ROFL as a gas junkie with a split personality ROFL!!!!!

    odd that they chose to make "us" decendants of a technologicly advanced race of beings that were blowing crap up all over the galaxy and wound up on a dirtball full of half naked cave men... first song that popped into my head was "lets get it on" HAHAHAH then baltar made a comment about mating OMFG i had to pause it... but alas, not a very good ending compared to some of the relative mind garble of the past 5 years and the last few episodes were kind of a let down--- they started building up too much stuff that wasnt answered, and started hanging too much stuff on "faith" :P blagh
    They always seem to rush stories toward the end nowadays. The story was just to quick, they should have done a 4 hour ending. I also thought the explanation of Hera was so stupid, that they found her remains and what not. Also left to many unanswered things, like what happened to gayland (sorry if the spelling is off), did Guis and 6 have kids? They should have went into better detail and showed how it built up to the 150,000 year period.
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    and they made mention of getting rid of all their technology... does that include fillings and glasses and possibly anything "man" made???? or are they saying that were a mix of cylon and humans "cymans" heheheh or "hulons"

    at any course, the fact that the lil girl they all tried to save wound up being a pile of bones in a grave site leads to believe that cylons and humans didnt mix too well

    but on a whole... the past several years of entertainment would be a hard thing to write up a big finale... tho if everyone just got blown up it would have been just as effective having a piece of space debris floating through space with some tissue on it crash land into a planet mixing its dna with whatever was there and still wound up where we are now LOL

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    Just watched the last episode... it's got it's negatives, but overall, I liked it.

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