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Thread: I want headlights to come on with wipers

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    Lightbulb I want headlights to come on with wipers

    Hi, I have an '03 Explorer with automatic headlights, but when I turn on the wipers during the day, the auto headlight will not turn on unless it is dark enough. I'm trying to figure out how to make headlights and tail lights come on regaurdless of headlight switch's position whenever I put the wipers switch in any position other than off. I would like the headlights to come on even when the wipers are in intermittent mode, of course the lights would need to stay on steady and not flash when the wipers are intermittent.

    The law requires lights on with wipers.

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    check the wires coming out of the wiper switch - if there is one that is powered in any wiper position just hook that into a relay and use the relay to send power to the lights.

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    i'll take volt meter tomorrow and see if i can find a wire.

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    A simple relay setup...

    Instead of a turn signal input, use your wiper...

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