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Thread: Note of absence

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    Post Note of absence

    I think this thread's missing. If anyone of you will be gone for a while or whatnot and want to let all the other members know, tell them here.

    so then-

    I'll start by saying that I'll be gone for a week long fishing expedition tomorrow. I'm NOT dead, I'll be on Guam.

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    I think I might take Southwest Airlines-

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    is back. FKA Robert Wray
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    Quote Originally Posted by dMand View Post
    I think I might take Southwest Airlines-

    Now that was funny. i can totally see that happening. I have seen a lot of great things like that on southwest airlines.

    I once saw a woman with a clown costume fake a fall down the aisle with a tray full of about 20 hot coffees. she threw the coffee cups on the passengers and it turns out of course that they were empty. maybe you had to be there, but everyone had a good laugh. the crew then played beach ball. good times.

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    not sure yet.
    lol where arew all these?! makes life fun!
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    I wher on a US flight once, down to Charlotville... The flight attendant there had timer, and tried to beat her own time on the annonsing. MAN she could talk fast! rofl

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