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Thread: Car PC's, illegal ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MP3DUB View Post
    So then GPS's are illegal in Alberta?
    Sorry, that should say video screen. I think that's how they worded it, I got pulled over for my screen once already. The cop asked me a pile of questions like what I use it for and ended up letting me go.
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    I live in Michigan, have been carPC'd for 4 years now and have been pulled over a few times and the cop has never mentioned it, or even questioned it. Streaming video is illegal on any system if the driver can see it. So to answer your questions, NO, carPC's are not illegal.
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    just googled this:

    In OP's case (Michigan):

    Video Screen Restriction

    Law: A person shall not operate a motor vehicle that is to be used upon the highways with a television or other similar electronic device that displays a video image that can be viewed by the operator while the motor vehicle is in motion.
    Statute: MCLS 257.708b (2008)
    Penalties: A civil infraction.

    So just I guess don't play videos on any front seat screens while driving

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