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Thread: Car PC's, illegal ?

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    Exclamation Car PC's, illegal ?


    A friend of mine is stating that a "CarPC" installed in a vehicle is illegal. I live in Michigan, USA and have not heard of any such laws accept for maybe relavent to cell phone use while driving. The reason I started this thread is because this friend of mine is not someone who just talks out of their ***! LOL.

    Is anyone out their with any knowledge on this subject ? I thought this was worth mentioning.



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    well.. this time your friend is talking out of his ***. otherwise any navigation unit on the market would be illegal because there all basically computers of a sort.

    There are laws out there that would apply, but they deal with flicker rate while driving.. meaning as long as your not watching a video while your driving you have no need to worries. this topic has been discussed here before somewhere if you search.
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    Here in Va where they try to make every vehicle mod illegal. Car Pc's are legal unless like your watching a moive.(like stated above)

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    Check your state law.
    Most states outlaw moving images visible from the driver's seat, but leave a lot for interpretation.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    have you seen some of the systems that come in new and higher end cars these days... im a mechanic and run across an assortment of cars and some of the nav - a/v systems have tons of options and tones of buttons and controls that would be just like having a carpc... the only difference between them and a pc is that they usually have blocks on videos with driving and some you cant change the nav options while moving.

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    most people just bypass those blocks anyways.
    They just want to play their music videos on all their screens while cruisin' around.

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    I think anything that obstructs field of view is most likely illegal, so if your screen does that, it may be.

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    Try this. It's been discussed before.

    The usual U.S. laws that apply are not specific to car PC's. They usually prohibit moving images in the view of the driver and require that they not block the field of view.
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    I would be very interested in hearing how a CarPC is supposed to be illegal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdakota98 View Post
    Here in Va where they try to make every vehicle mod illegal. Car Pc's are legal unless like your watching a moive.(like stated above)
    VA? Are you joking? Unless you are talking about neons I have no idea what you are talking about. There are no state emissions tests and i've never heard of anyone getting pulled over in most areas for dark tint or no front plate (many people with T/As keep covers over them).

    It doesnt get much more slack than VA. All they ever really check for in inspections is bald tires and broken bulbs.

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