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Thread: Full closure on sunroof

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    Full closure on sunroof

    I know its not really car pc related but I wondered if anyone can help. I'd like to get this sorted before I start putting my pc in.

    I am wiring a car alarm in my FTO and trying to make it close the sunroof.
    When I lock the car I have got 12v going to the sunroof ecu and and a negative to the close on the switch.
    The problem is if it does both at the same time it won't work. What I need is a 2 second delay before the negative goes to the sunroof switch.

    What is the easiest way of doing this? Can I use a capacitor in some way?

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    I thought I would post this what I need is the power to the sunroof switch to happen about 3 sec after power goes to the ecu.

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