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Thread: I should shut up..

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    I should shut up..

    Ok im bored and at work, so I was doing a little searching for my first post on here when I came across my rep points. What made me want to bring this to others attention is the fact in my post I was being a complete *** and some how I got 10 points for it. Guess others feel the same way about a Civic as I do.

    Power problems with car computer :(

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    I've always wanted to put a lawnmower blade underneath a Civic and use it to cut grass. That's honestly the only use I could ever imagine for a Civic. Especially when they already look and sound like lawnmowers with those tacky body kits and $29.95 Pep Boys mufflers...

    But I do realize that I'm always going to have better things to spend my money on. I would much rather have a real lawnmower.

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